She Walks in Woolies Every Night

She walks in Woolies ev’ry night
Past Heinz bakend beans and tinned steaks pies
And all that’s good to chew and bite
Finds its way into her stockinged thighs
Where strong elastic holds them tight
Safe from gravity and prying eyes

One can, or four, a tray of cress
She thought they’d never trace
And so she stuck them down her dress
And put on an innocent face:
A mask to hide her heartfelt stress
Until she was out of that place

But for all her cheek, and all her show
Her face and hands were eloquent
They spoke her, sin for all to know,
Now tell of days in prison spent
Because the judge bowed his head in woe
And proclaimed my love Not Innocent!


©John Steele, 1989, 2008
First published in Bentilee Voices,  Spring 1989

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