Christmas Ramblings…. (from The Bentilean website, 1996)

xcandle2As I’ve already said, I haven’t really got any new stuff to add to this page so I thought I’d just ramble on a bit. I spent my Christmas break eating chocolate logs, watching telly, drinking sherry and eating some more chocolate logs. As usual, I got the thought that maybe I’d go to a carol service and look into the possibility of doing some seasonal voluntary work but come the day of the service I just couldn’t be bothered to leave the house and never got round to contacting anybody about the voluntary work. However, I did finally get round to reading Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and was only disappointed that it was so short a book. I also read a couple of books by the delightful Rabbi Lionel Blue (which is probably where I got the thought of doing the voluntary work I never got round to), and a highly amusing novel, “Two and a half men in a boat” by Nigel Williams (a recreation of Jerome K. Jerome’s original journey).

………..After all that reading, of course, I needed a good two weeks sit down and so never got round to doing any of the university related stuff I had planned to do (at least, that’s my excuse).

My New Year Resolutions include putting on even more weight (all of it muscle!), not writing a best selling book again, failing to get a job again, and doing something easy at college. Not as noble a collection as losing six stones, becoming a millionaire, and starting my PhD but at least this time next year I’ll be able to look at a list of resolutions well and truly kept.


©John Steele, 1996, 2008
Taken from my personal page on The Bentilean website, Christmas 1996.  And, yes, I achieved all my goals that New Year.  Boy did I achieve them.

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