Dear Sis' (cough, cough)

Dear Sis’, cough, cough
I just thought I would sit down, cough, cough
And write you this line, cough, cough
Whilst, cough, cough
I have some spare time, cough, cough
As, cough, cough
I’ve just been told, cough, cough
To stay indoors, cough, cough
As (if you hadn’t noticed) I have a bad cold, cough, cough, sneeze.

Never mind, cough, cough
I have a good neighbour, cough, cough
Who came down to see me, cough, cough
And said: “I know what’ll fix yer”, cough, cough, sneeze again
She’s gone down to the shops, cough, cough
To get some Cough, cough, cough, Mixture, cough, cough
So I’m just waiting here, cough, cough
Until she gets back again, cough, cough, sniffle, search for hankie, find clean bit, blow nose, sneeze unexpectedly, curse;
Cough, cough, break wind (oops sorry), COUGH, COUGH: hide embarassment.

Ah! Thank God, cough, cough
Here’s me cough mixture, cough, cough
It aint ‘alf a funny colour, cough, cough
I hope it tastes nice, cough, cough, sniffle again
Ah, well, cough, cough, here goes
Mmmmmm….tastes nice (no cough)
Mmmmmm….feels good (no cough)
I’m well, so goodbye, as I’ve better things to do
Than sit here writing letters to the like of….ahhh..a.chooo!
Ah, fudge!!!
Cough, cough, sniffle again, give up.

©John Steele, 1988, 2008
Inspired by Pam Ayres’ “Thoughts of a late-night knitter”.

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