Letter to the Terry Wogan Radio Show #1


25th January, 1993

Dear Terry,

I was listening to your programme this morning when you played a song about a man who could see blue velvet through his ears.  Is he one of those people who claim to be able to see colours via their finger tips?  Or is he the victim of some extremely bad plastic surgery?

I think we should be ignored.

Your listener,

Ivor Tripewriter
(nee Screwloose)

Looney Lane
The Pottyries


Copyright John Steele, 1993, 2011
Yes, I was one of those people who used to write mad letters to Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 show. Though not as prolific, or good, as the likes of Major Roadworks, I did get a couple read out on air. This wasn’t the first letter I’d written to him, just the first I’ve stumbled across in my disorganised house. I’m fairly sure he used this one because I have a memory that he responded to the line “I think we should be ignored” with “I think you probably will be” (or words to that effect). When I find the recording, and can get it off cassette onto my computer, I will upload it here as an update to this post.

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